Lone Survivor: Director's Cut out October 31, free if you own it already

Adventure game Lone Survivor is getting the director's cut treatment, with free copies of the updated version going to anyone who has purchased the original already, according to a blog post yesterday by the game's creator Jasper Byrne. As he reports in the announcement for the October 31 PC release, Byrne has been busy with the new version of his indie RPG for a while now.

"I have quietly been beavering away over the last few months to bring this enormous update back to the format it began life on," Byrne writes. "It was originally going to be a very slightly updated version of the original game, but turned into a ten-month odyssey. I was able to add all the little details which I wasn't able to squeeze in the first time round, so that I could bring my original vision to you with no compromises, and with them a whole load of new ideas that emerged as I worked on it."

We liked the original Lone Survivor and praised it for its soundtrack, its use of psychology, and its intelligent interpretation of survival horror. Aside from some bug fixes and lighting tweaks, the new version will include "some elements which didn't quite make it to the original game because they seemed too elaborate and I needed to get the game out," as well as "a lot of new ideas which I've had since releasing the last update a year and a half ago," according to Byrne .

For a closer look at the Director's Cut version, check out the launch trailer for its console release below.

Hat tip, VG24/7