Little Nightmares teases stealth and puzzle horror with in-browser demo

Little Nightmares is Tarsier Studios' forthcoming puzzle platformer-meets-survival horror adventure that has its sights set on release early next year. From the slivers of action we've seen so far, the game once known as Hunger looks as cute as it does terrifying and has now opened its doors by way of a "terrifying interactive experience."

Which is essentially a marketing tool that lets you point and click around various stages within the Maw—the creepy underwater vessel from within which protagonist Nomes strives to escape. 

"Discover its crazy architecture in the company of Nomes and discover our famous Chefs’ high quality cuisine," reads a post on the game's site. "To thank you for your visit, we are delighted to offer you a Tengu mask: exclusive downloadable content to be used in the game when it’s released in Spring 2017."

Obviously, Little Nightmares will be a lot less restrictive come full release, however the following in-browser demo offers a sense of its puzzles and lovely artstyle. 

And, since it's Halloween, here's another look at Little Nightmares' most recent trailer: