Little Nightmares teases new character in latest trailer

The game which Samuel described as "an okay platformer but a deeply imaginative horror game" that's "worth playing for its array of disturbing imagery," Little Nightmares has now released an 'accolades' trailer that showcases its plaudits from various publications. Not the most exciting news, however the short does appear to tease a new character—which I'm assuming hints at future DLC. 

From around the 55 seconds mark below, you'll spot a non-yellow hooded chap which clearly isn't the main game's protagonist Six:

"Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe and Tarsier Studios are pleased to share the accolade trailer of their suspense-adventure game," so reads a press release from the game's publisher. "Be patient and watch it till the very end to get a clue about the future of Little Nightmares… Who’s that boy?"  

Who is that boy, indeed. It's hard to say beyond the fact this is a new character, but the water and rocks in the background there might suggest the so-called "future" of Little Nightmares takes place beyond the Maw. 

I dunno, I could be way off, but I'm looking forward to finding out more in the coming weeks nevertheless.