Little Inferno free on Epic Games Store, today only

(Image credit: Tomorrow Corporation)
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Tomorrow Corporation (opens in new tab)'s odd sendup of boring games, Little Inferno (opens in new tab), is available today for free on the Epic Games Store until 11 AM ET/8 AM PT/4 PM GMT on the 23rd of December. Little Inferno is a puzzle game where you put things in a fireplace and set them on fire. The fireplace then burns these objects, which turn into money for buying more objects. The gameplay is in combining different objects to get different results as they burn—say, dry ice, which freezes nearby things. It’s a bit old now, first released in 2012, but Little Inferno has the same grim whimsy that all of Tomorrow Corporation's games have. It's a satire of games that are, frankly, boring: Bad crafting games, mobile games, or clickers. You can get Little Inferno for free on the Epic Games Store (opens in new tab).

Tomorrow Corporation is perhaps better known for their games World of Goo (opens in new tab), an early indie hit, along with its programming puzzlers Human Resource Machine (opens in new tab) and 7 Billion Humans (opens in new tab). The Epic Games Store is having a holiday event where it gives out a new free games every day for 12 days alongside a more general sale.

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