Listen to three new tracks from Inon Zur's Syberia 3 soundtrack

Microids released a new Syberia 3 story trailer yesterday, offering a glimpse of Kate Walker's strange journey to the sacred lands of the Youkol tribe. Today we've got something a little different: A sample of the Syberia 3 soundtrack, composed by award-winning videogame veteran Inon Zur, whose previous work includes Fallout 3, 4, and New Vegas, Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, Eagle Flight, and—going back a little further—Syberia 2. 

The sampler includes three tracks: Kate and the Youkols, Valsembor's Lakeshore, and Destiny Awaits. It's not groundbreaking game music by any stretch but it is quite lovely—understated and vaguely primitive in places, as you'd expect from a game that, at its core, is about a nomadic tribe of herders accompanying a flock ostriches to their traditional breeding grounds. (That's seems to be the basics of it, anyway.) 

Syberia 3 comes out on April 20 in Europe, and April 25 in North America, and the soundtrack will be included with the digital deluxe edition of the game. If you want to hear more, the Syberia 3 main theme is below, and just for the hell of it you can watch Zur play the Fallout 4 theme on his piano right here.

Andy Chalk

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