Life Is Strange demo debuts on Steam

Life Is Strange

We declared Life is Strange a pretty good game in our October review. "Uneven" is how Phil put it; not as well-polished or paced as some of Telltale's games, like The Walking Dead, but "powerfully affecting at its best." That's not an unequivocal recommendation, but there's clearly a lot about it to like, which is why it's nice that there's now a demo on Steam.

The demo, according to a post on the Life Is Strange blog, is the same as the one that's been kicking around on the Xbox and PlayStation consoles for a while now. It's not super-substantial—Rock, Paper, Shotgun says it clocks in at around 20 minutes—but will hopefully be enough to provide a decent taste of what the full game is like, and whether or not it's up your alley.

The complete five-episode season of Life is Strange is available on Steam for $19/£16, although you might want to bear in mind right about now that the Steam Winter Sale is probably less than a week away. For those who prefer their games stuffed inside cuboid cardboard (remember those?) a boxed Limited Edition, set for release on January 19, is also now available for preorder.

Andy Chalk

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