Life is Strange: Before the Storm launch trailer gets angry

The first episode of the Life is Strange prequel is out on August 31, which makes this Gamescom launch trailer a little premature. Still, we get a dose of the hazy coming-of-age teen drama vibe and some angst from Chloe, who was angry long before the events of the first series. In fairness she could have used those time travelling powers more than Max.

Playing as a more brash, rebellious character does sound fun though. James has played a bit of episode one: "during a 10-minute hands-on preview, I managed to steal money, smoke a ‘J’ (that’s weed, dad), drink beer, mosh, and get into a fight." 

Teenage troublemaking aside, the series seems to focus on Chloe's relationships with her stepdad, David, and the mysterious Rachel Amber. Expect adolescent nihilism, raging arguments, woozy guitar soundtracks and "feels." I'm normally allergic to high school dramas, but I'm halfway through the first series and enjoying it a lot. Max can unbearably earnest, though, so I'm all for a switch to her more adventurous pal.

Tom Senior

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