Life is Strange 2 Episode 4 out now

"How far would you go to find your brother?" is the simple question driving Life is Strange 2 Episode 4, the penultimate episode of Dontnod Entertainment's story-driven adventure game. Daniel is the lost brother, and Sean is trying to find him. But Sean is in pretty dire straits: he starts the episode in a hospital and under arrest, having lost an eye—and much of his confidence—in the last episode. 

Episode 4 is out now, and you can pick it up for $8/£6.50 on Steam or the Humble Store.

Sean has to search for Daniel in the desert, through scorching days and freezing nights, and the player will have plenty of difficult decisions to make. I'm curious to see whether the simple premise can pull players through an entire episode, which is likely to last around three hours, and whether it can set the game up for the conclusion is deserves. The fifth and final episode is out December 3.

Philippa wrote about Life is Strange 2's strong opening here and in June Joanna spoke to the game's lead writer about making the player feel like a terrible parent.

You can buy the entire season of Life is Strange 2 on Steam or the Humble Store.

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Samuel Horti

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