Lian Li launches aluminum RGB case fans to brighten your PC

Lian Li has a bit of an obsession with aluminum, as evidenced by its extensive line of brushed aluminum cases, and that has spilled over into its fan product line with the launch of the Bora Lite RGB. The new fans are similar to the original Bora RGB family, except they're housed in CNC milled aluminum frames instead of plastic.

"The Bora Lite 120's most iconic feature is its aluminum frame. The CNC milled frame adds a touch of modern, industrial feel whilst also improving the overall look of the case fans thanks to its metallic and reflective properties," Lian Li says.

That gives them a more premium look in our opinion, at least from what we gather from the press photos. Of course, the frame is likely to be overshadowed by the RGB lighting, which is obviously the major selling point here. Each fan has a dozen RGB LEDs positioned around the center, and they're compatible with most RGB syncing software, including those utilized by Asus (Aura Sync), Gigabyte (RGB Fusion), ASRock (PolyChrome Sync), and MSI (Mystic Light Sync).

The fans have separate power and lighting cables, including a dedicated PWM connector and an RGB cable. Lian Li says users can daisy chain multiple Bora fans and other RGB "devices" (light strips, we presume) in this fashion.

You can purchase the fans now for $40 from Newegg. They're available in both black and silver frames.

Paul Lilly

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