Let's design an Overwatch hero together

A picture of an unknown Overwatch agent from the Recall animated short.

About a year ago we asked you to help us build the perfect FPS by filling out a survey. We mashed these democratically-selected ideas together, producing a steampunk post-apocalyptic WW2 game called "Rising Dark Shadow: Apocalypse Protocol." Nice work, everyone.

Last month we saw the best custom Overwatch hero we've ever seen—Zameen, originally made by Mario Manzanares and then rendered in 3D by Tim Moreels—and it inspired us to find out what kind of hero our community wants to see in Overwatch next. The nature of Overwatch's universe allows for pretty much any kind of character to potentially fit right in, and if Rising Dark Shadow is any indication, the results may need that flexibility.

Fill out this short survey to put your mark on our hypothetical Overwatch hero.

We'll gather all of the most popular answers and see what the Overwatch community is really hoping for from the game's 23rd hero. We're also looking for an artist to bring our crowdsourced character to life. If you know an artist who'd be interested in being paid to draw a weird Overwatch character, email tom@pcgamer.com with a link to a portfolio of work. 

Have fun!

Tom Marks
Tom is PC Gamer’s Associate Editor. He enjoys platformers, puzzles and puzzle-platformers. He also enjoys talking about PC games, which he now no longer does alone. Tune in every Wednesday at 1pm Pacific on Twitch.tv/pcgamer to see Tom host The PC Gamer Show.