Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga—Where to find every datacard

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Datacards are a valuable collectable in Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, as you'll need them to redeem cheat codes. The cheats in this game genuinely add to your experience by turning your lightsaber into a baguette or unlocking a rad little Porg to aid you in battle. You'll also need to collect a substantial number of Studs to unlock cheats, but that shouldn't be too difficult as you can earn them by smashing almost everything to bits. 

Datacards aren't too difficult to find and entering cheat codes is easy peasy, so let's get started.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga datacard locations 

As the game is episodic, we'll go through the datacard locations in chronological order, starting with The Phantom Menace. So far, I've found 19 datacards and will update this list if or when I find more. 

The Phantom Menace

Mos Espa: Behind Anakin's house in the Slave Quarters. Enter the doorway and your character will automatically pick it up.

Coruscant Senate: This datacard is hidden in a secret back room. You'll need to drop down from the walkway and use two characters to stand on buttons to open the laser barrier. Inside the room is a datacard, floating between some crates. 

Attack of the Clones

Uscru District: Head to the lower level of the district outside the Outlander Club. You'll see a ring-shaped area and little pedestals you can jump across to reach the datacard.

Geonosis: Head to the Canyons area of the map which is roughly in the centre. There should be a tall cliff with orange handles you can use to grapple up. You'll reach the edge of the cliff and can jump down to a ledge below to find more orange handles you can use to scale the rest of the cliff and reach the datacard. 

Revenge of the Sith

Kashyyyk: From the South Beach landing area, head northeast and look out for the giant roots of Tree Vikkilynn. Climb the tree until you reach the top and you'll see some round platforms. Keep to the left as you exit the tree and jump across the gap to the platform on the other side, and a datacard will be floating in a window.

Mustafar: In the north of the map, you'll be able to travel down to a catwalk that has some yellow steps at the end of the path. You know you're in the right place when there's a massive lava waterfall to your right—needless to say, don't jump in. Head up the steps towards a hill and climb the second set of stairs to reach a platform above. You should see a large pipe on the platform that you can grapple. Keep grappling until you reach the datacard. 

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A New Hope

Jundland Wastes: This card can be found near Old Ben Kenobi's house—you're looking for a climbable Lego cliff wall. You can scale it using a lightsaber then use the orange handles to jump up. At the top, you can use the force on a bit of debris to slot it into the cliff wall and jump across. Repeat this for the next area and then jump up to reach the top of the rock. You'll see the datacard on the other side.

Mos Eisley: You'll see this datacard floating just out of reach under an awning, so use the force and stack some nearby crates to reach it.

Great Temple: Head towards the centre of the temple and look for the bridge. On the far side of the temple from the entrance, you can stack some boxes to reach ledges you can grapple to. Climb up and grab the datacard. 

The Empire Strikes Back

Hoth: In the main hangar, you'll spot a datacard floating above you. You can grapple along some ledges towards the back of the hangar allowing you to reach it.

Dragonsnake Bog: You'll need a character like Leia who can grapple for this section, too. In the south of the area, there's a datacard floating above a thin branch. Grapple up some nearby ledges and jump up to get the card.

Cloud City: To reach this card, you'll first need to complete The Force Awakens to unlock the Scavenger tools. The datacard is behind a blocked passageway in the south of Cloud City, in the Central Plaza area, and you can reach it by jumping down from the balcony. Use a character with Scavenger tools and grab the card.

Return of the Jedi

Ewok Village, Endor: You're looking for a tree in the north of the map. If you look up and across, you'll see a target you can shoot, though it is hidden behind some branches. A passageway will open in the tree and you can grab another datacard. 

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The Force Awakens

Niima Outpost: In the very northwest of Niima Outpost, you'll find a silo you can climb down using an orange ladder. At the bottom is another datacard.

Maz's Castle: Once you've landed the Millenium Falcon, run behind it and you'll see a datacard in the water. Grapple to the platform with the green button on it to raise it and claim it. 

The Last Jedi

Canto Bight: In the Old Town area, north of the landing pad, you'll see a datacard floating above the street on a balcony. Grapple up and move along the handles until you can drop down and reach it.

Crait: From the landing pad room, turn to the northeast and look up to spot a datacard. You can climb up the nearby ladders and platforms to reach it. 

The Rise of Skywalker

Kef Bir: Head towards the southwest corner of Company 77 Village. There will be a thatched hut and behind it is another datacard.

Exegol: This last card is found in the Sith Citadel on Exegol. Head south from the landing pad and stand on the lift to go down a level. Once the lift has stopped, turn to your left and you'll see the card above some pipes. Head up the stairs and onto the walkway above, then climb the chain to reach the datacard.

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All Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga cheats

Now it's time for the real fun to begin: enabling cheats! These cheats will make things even sillier and probably more enjoyable. Provided you have enough Studs, you should have plenty of datacards to unlock them all. 

  • Studs x2: Collected Studs are worth twice as much. Requires 1,000,000 and a datacard.
  • Studs x4: Collected Studs are worth four times as much. Requires 2,000,000 and a datacard. 
  • Studs x6: Collected Studs are worth six times as much. Requires 8,000,000 and a datacard. 
  • Studs x8: Collected Studs are worth eight times as much. Requires 48,000,000 and a datacard. 
  • Studs x10: Collected Studs are worth ten times as much. Requires 384,000,000 and a datacard. 
  • Super GNK Droid: Adds an invincible gold GNK Droid to your party. Requires 1,000,000 and a datacard. 
  • Porg Companion: Summon a cute and friendly Porg to help you in battle. Requires 500,000 and a datacard. 
  • Baguette Lightsabers: Turns lightsabers into big baguettes. Requires 250,000 and a datacard. 
  • Galaxy Rave: Turns Free Play into a non-stop disco. Requires 500,000,000 and a datacard. 
  • TV Mode: Adds an old-school TV flicker to the screen. Requires 250,000 and a datacard.
  • Hologram Mode: Gives your characters and ships a hologram look. Requires 500,000 and a datacard. 
  • Retro Mode: Adds a retro effect style to the screen. Requires 250,000 and a datacard. 
  • GNK Civilians: Turns all civilians into GNK Droids. Requires 1,000,000 and a datacard. 
  • Mumble Mode: Replaces voices with classic LEGO Star Wars mumble sounds. Requires 500,000 and a datacard. 
  • Comedy Weapons: Replaces blasters with random objects. Requires 250,000 and a datacard. 
  • Rainbow Effects: Replaces certain attack effects with a rainbow trail. Requires 250,000 and a datacard. 
  • Cantina Music: Listen to the Mos Eisley Cantina band music on a constant loop. Requires 250,000 and a datacard. 
  • Big Head Mode: Your characters will now have giant heads. Requires 500,000 and a datacard. 
  • Pew Pew: Changes blaster sound effects to a timeless "pew pew pew" sound. Requires 500,000 and a datacard. 
  • Universal Translator: Lets any character understand any language. Requires 500,000 and a datacard. 

How to enter cheats 

Open up your menu and tab to the Holoprojector section to enter a cheat code. It's up to you what order you unlock them in, but the Stud multipliers are an easy first choice as you'll gather way more Studs that you can use to unlock more expensive extras. 

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