Legend of Grimrock dungeon editor out tomorrow

Legend of Grimrock is an affectionate modern take on ye dungeon crawlers of olde, which means its maps are built around great big multi-layered grids. There's plenty of scope for some intricate puzzles in them there grids, however. That makes Legends of Grimrock the perfect candidate for a dungeon editor. The boxy layouts are easy enough to attract the clumsy prodding of casual tinkerers like myself, but detailed enough to allow a talented modder to add a whole new wing to Grimrock's treasure-choked subterranean city.

Good news, everyone! Blue's News note a post on the Legend of Grimrock front page announcing a release date for their dungeon editor. 'Tis tomorrow. Put away that pencil and gridded maths paper. We have something so much better now.

Almost Human have had the dungeon editor in beta for a while now, and say that the community has delivered plenty of good, ruthless feedback, which explains the lengthy patch notes at the end of the post. "The 150+ mods already published on Steam Workshop and Grimrock Nexus indicate that modding Grimrock will be very popular and we're very happy about it," they say.

If you fancy a hit of some Dungeon Master era dungeoneering you could do a lot worse than Legend of Grimrock. Discover our verdict in our Legend of Grimrock review .

Tom Senior

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