League of Legends spotlights newest champion Kled, patch due tomorrow

Last month, Riot officially unveiled Kled—League of Legends’ latest yordle champion otherwise known as “The Cantankerous Cavalier”—during its EU LCS stream. Partnered up with his mount Skaarl, Cassandra then detailed the duo’s skill set and noted the newest addition represented “a new frontier for League’s champion design.” Kled’s now been given his champion spotlight trailer, which shows off his skills in action.

Let's look at that first:

As you can see, the ranged top laner boasts some pretty effective combos, has pretty good mobility and can seemingly engage with the best of them. Although not all too obvious up there, Cassandra notes that Kled’s health scales separately from Skaarl’s in her handy champion overview which can be read in its entirety here

According to the official League of Legends service maintenance page, the game’s latest patch—number 6.16—is set to be deployed on August 10 at 3am PT, and at 5am BST. That's also when you'll get the chance to welcome Kled into the fold.