League of Legends' next champion has moves like a Capcom spectacle fighter

A new League of Legends champion has been revealed out of the blue. Her name's Samira, aka the Desert Rose, and she's apparently "a gifted, ruthless marksman who charges up her style meter as she hunts for the flashiest kill."

Watching Samira in action with her twin pistols and anime sword, her moves seem to include a lot of dashing, blade-swirling, cartwheeling, and unleashing a whirlwind of bullets while she turns into Taz the Tasmanian Devil. It's like watching Devil May Cry or Bayonetta from the MOBA angle. Samira even has a Style score, a meter that upgrades in rank as she hits combos until she can unleash her most potent ability.

Of course, the most important League of Legend news of the moment is that the new single by LoL's official virtual mascot girl group K/DA isn't K-pop any more. If you too are feeling an absence of K-pop in your life, can I offer you a song by Orange Caramel in this trying time?

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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