League of Legends adds Malcom Graves, gunslinger extraordinaire

League of Legends Graves thumb

League of Legends is once again adding a new hero, this time it's the turn of Malcom Graves, outlaw and gunslinger. Graves is a ranged carry with an emphasis on using his shotgun to deal damage to multiple targets at once. He used to be the partner of master card shark, Twisted Fate , but as charming rogues always do, Fate betrayed him and left him in prison to rot. Eventually Graves escaped and joined the League to get revenge.

Graves abilities include buckshot, which deals damage in a cone, smokescreen, which reduces enemies sight range and movement speed, and quick draw, a forward dash which boosts his attack speed. His ultimate is collateral damage, an explosive shot that deals heavy damage and hits enemies in a cone behind it's target. His passive, the splendidly named True Grit, improves his armour and magic resistance the longer he stays in combat.

Check inside for some screenshots of Graves in action, and let us know what you think of him in the comments.