League of Legends gets adorable new shopkeep in Summoner's Rift graphics update


You can never have too many Yordles, as proven by our own Owen Hill's acute obsession with only playing characters of that tiny, furry creature species in League of Legends. A new Yordle has made its way into Summoner's Rift, along with new textures and animations, as a part of Riot's graphics update for the entire map .

Update: The original announcement post has moved; we've updated the link to the current post on LoL's official forums.

A year and a half ago, we revealed Riot's first images of their new art style in our magazine and on the site. Since then, Riot has decided to roll out graphic updates gradually over time instead of in one sweeping revamp. Several champions have seen updates to their visuals so far and this latest update brings the big changes to the Summoner's Rift map--by far the most popular map in the game.

All four screenshots released by Riot so far are below--what do you think?