League of Legends' incredible new art style!


Less than a year after its launch, League of Legends--the explosively popular free-to-play online arena game inspired by DotA--is getting a complete graphical overhaul, and we've got the world's first reveal of it in our latest issue ! The game's current cartoonish look is giving way for a sharper, more realistic style that makes the heroes look like hand-painted miniatures duking it out in a tabletop world.

Check out the before and after shots below, and be sure to pick up the November issue of PC Gamer US (on newsstands 9/14) for:

  • More details on the complete graphics overhaul

  • First look at the brand new 5v5 map being developed

  • Exclusive reveal of the next hero after Miss Fortune

  • Our massive guide to help new players get started in our favorite free game on the planet!

Before and after comparisons



Terrain and shrubbery

We love Gragas' real wood barrel and Mordekaiser's new metal look. What do you guys think of the changes?