League of Legends' 3.7 patch will let you go window shopping before your match

Shopping must be tough if you're a League of Legends champion. How are you supposed to pick out a nice pair of boots when an endless wave of creeps are sweeping forth to give you a knock on the noggin? Recognising the desire to browse in leisure, Riot will introduce Custom Item Sets into patch 3.7: item profiles that can be created and edited directly from the summoner profile.

Players will have the ability to create a tailored list of items, targeted at single or multiple champions, which then show up in a shop's Recommended tab during a match. As well as control over which champions can access each set, players will be able to specify between different maps too. And, as an added bonus, you'll be able browse the full item shop from PVP.net, even if you're not configuring a build.

Elsewhere, the patch provides another huge round of balance changes, specifically nerfing some champions that are considered too good in certain roles. You can see the full changelist here , or get a general overview from Riot's patch preview below.

Thanks, PCGamesN .

Phil Savage

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