LawBreakers alpha testing resumes this weekend with a new map

The online team-based FPS LawBreakers will undergo another round of alpha testing this weekend, from 9 am to 9 pm PT on July 9 and 10. The test will be limited to North American and European servers this time around, and will once again feature the Overcharge game mode, with four roles (eight characters) doing battle on the new Santa Monica Promenade map. 

“Once a part of the mainland California before the cataclysmic event known as The Shattering, Promenade takes place on Santa Monica Island in the newly rebuilt California Keys,” developer Boss Key wrote in the Alpha patch 0.4 notes. “Known for being an affluent shopping destination, the Promenade landscape is now a contested battleground between the Law and Breaker, as both forces fight for control of the location’s abundant gravity anomalies.” 

The update adds a new “Skip Jump” mechanic, which gives players the ability to maintain their momentum by hitting “jump” within a few seconds of landing—echoes of skiing, perhaps—and makes various changes and fixes to each of the game's character classes. Quite a number of known issues remain, however, so be sure to check the notes if you run into grief. 

The alpha remains closed, but Boss Key said in the announcement that “many more tests and key giveaways will happen.” In the meantime, don't miss our thoughts on the first LawBreakers alpha test weekend, which Evan described rather succinctly as “a primordial goo of the things I want,” right here.

Andy Chalk

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