Latest Dead Cells update adds legendary weapons, reveals final release date

2D action roguelike Dead Cells recently received its seventh major update—dubbed 'The Baguette Update' for reasons I can't begin to guess—and with it a batch of changes mostly centered around upgrading gear. Apart from some snazzy new UI and a raft of balance tweaks, here's what's new:

When you upgrade weapons at the Forge, "now the cells you invest at the forge will go towards unlocking a guaranteed percentage of weapons dropping at higher quality levels." Existing Forge upgrades will be moved to the new system with minimal progress lost. You can also reroll and upgrade weapons at a new blacksmith NPC. 

Legendary items are now available. They're a guaranteed drop from bosses and a rare drop from elite enemies. Legendary weapons come with exclusive bonuses, and you can receive legendary versions of weapons whose blueprints you haven't unlocked.

Challenge rooms have been changed so that "you get the chest when you enter, and the portal closes behind you if you decide to open it." "Now the challenge is in finding them, not in perfecting them," developer Motion Twin said. 

Motion Twin also took this time to announce that Dead Cells will leave Steam Early Access in August. The Baguette Update is "the first of a few smaller updates" coming before the game's proper launch. The previous update, The Hand of the King, which added a new level and a new boss, was the last "major" update Dead Cells will see while in Early Access. 

Thanks, Eurogamer.

Austin Wood
Staff writer, GamesRadar

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