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Last Oasis trailer shows off what you'll be doing in the ambitious MMO

I've got a terrible craving for an MMO at the moment, and Last Oasis continues to look like it will scratch that itch. Thankfully, after a delay, it's approaching its Early Access launch, due in the first part of 2020. In the meantime, a new trailer gives us a better idea of what we'll be getting up to when it appears. Give it a watch above. 

Though I confess I've grown very tired of crafty survival games, Last Oasis has already worn down my reticence thanks to its incredible walking landships. These ships are how survivors in the post-apocalypse get across the small stretch of land that's still habitable, and they range from wee walkers to massive leviathans with a crew. 

It's the big battles between armadas—which you can see near the end of the trailer—that I really want to get into, grappling onto enemy vessels while they splinter and explode. Looks like I'll probably need to make some post-apocalyptic pals first. 

The dynamic economy has also piqued my interest. You'll be able to become a full-time trader, and Donkey Crew has drawn inspiration from EVE Online for its trading system. You'll have to find oases with different resources, and traders will be able to create trading routes between them. Because the map's dynamic, the location of these resources will change, so people will need to work together to make the most of them before the land becomes scorched by the sun. Guilds will be able to control these areas, too, which nets the guild a bonus whenever anyone starts harvesting in their spot. 

Hopefully we'll get a specific release date soon.

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