Krieg the Psycho gets a backstory, inner monologue in new Borderlands 2 short film

Krieg the Psycho became Borderlands 2 's newest playable character a couple of weeks ago, and we've seen some fascinating behind-the-scenes info on the homicidal melee artist's creation from Gearbox .

But did you know that Krieg struggles with an inner voice? A newly released short film for Krieg shows his chance meeting with Lilith and how he became a member of the vault hunter gang. Krieg is already kind of a ridiculous character, but the depiction of the suave inner voice struggling to be heard just makes him even funnier.

Enjoy some truly fantastic lines like "I'm the conductor of the poop train!" and "I have the shiniest meat bicycle!" Krieg is a terrifying character, and not just because of his size and all the killing.

If you're confused and scared by all these fancy guns and their bullets , simplify your life with a big axe made out of a saw blade. Krieg is ready to go , and he'll probably be a lot of fun to play in the upcoming D&D-inspired Tiny Tina DLC .