Borderlands 2 DLC will cast Tiny Tina as a pen-and-paper GM

Borderlands 2 's impossibly endearing pint-sized psychopath, Tiny Tina, is getting her very own DLC in the form of Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep . The new campaign content features the vault hunters playing a pen-and-paper tabletop game while Tina runs the action from behind her game master screen.

In his video walkthrough posted to GameTrailers , Gearbox's creative director Paul Helquist is diligently cautious about calling this setup what it is: a riff on Dungeons & Dragons. Tiny Tina is instead the “Bunker Master” in charge of “the most coolestest game in the world,” Bunkers and Badasses.

“We are now actually experiencing the adventure that she is creating on the fly for the vault hunters.” Helquist says in the voiceover, “We're having a lot of fun with the idea that Tiny Tina is in complete control over this universe and this environment that she has created.”

Inside the game, players are treated to a world filled with enemies stolen from fantasy worlds, like skeleton archers and orcs. Tina is a novice game master, and her voiceover narration shows a twisting, changing game world that “smells like butts and dead people.” Unable to create a suitable name for an enemy on the fly, Tina dubs him “mister...boney...pants...guy?” and Mr. Bony Pants Guy is then made real. The environment gets a lot of comedy out of what it looks like inside Tina's terrifying little mind , and players will get a surreal, hilarious closing chapter to the Borderlands 2 saga.

The baseline level for Assault on Dragon Keep is around level 30, so advanced players should be able to just jump in and enjoy more of the best co-op gameplay around . The newest and final DLC will be available June 25.