Kotaku UK has launched

There's a new site joining Future's family of games coverage. Kotaku UK launched today, as a new localised version of the gaming and culture site. It'll bring you a curated selection of stuff from Kotaku's main bulk – picked out especially for its relevance – along with a healthy dollop of original content. Even better, it'll spell colour properly and everything.

As to why a UK-specific version of Kotaku is important, editor Keza MacDonald explained all in the site's introductory post :

"For me it's about relevance, access, and community. Relevance is about more than just changing spellings (though we'll be doing that, too) - it's about cultural reference points, and reporting on things that matter to UK readers. English-speaking internet can be very US-centric. I don't know about you, but that sometimes makes me feel either ignored or alienated by the big US games sites.

"Access is the major editorial reason for running a UK-based site. Because we're based in Europe, we can visit studios that are half the world away for our American colleagues. We've not just got a fascinating games scene here in Britain, we've got a whole continent's worth of stories to explore. Having a UK-based team helps flesh out Kotaku's overall editorial capabilities. We also sometimes see things a little differently from a UK perspective, and more perspectives is a valuable thing for any site."

It's only a few hours old, but already there are some interesting features to peruse, including this profile on the most exciting games coming out of the UK. Also some Dark Souls erotic fanfiction . Because Kotaku.

Head here to check out Kotaku UK. Don't worry, we won't mind, as long as you come straight back .


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