Kojima Productions is hiring for a new game

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Kojima Productions has confirmed it's got something new cooking away, to nobody's surprise. That's sort of what developers do, and Hideo Kojima himself teased it way back in June, accompanied by a picture of his cluttered desk. But now it's official. Double official? 

If you were hoping for details about the game, you're out of luck, unfortunately. The tweet confirmed that "a new project is in development," and that the studio is looking to hire "best in class talent" to work with it in Tokyo, but offered no hints about what it's working on.  

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Devs always love to say they're working on a "project" as if it could be anything other than another game, but in Kojima Productions' case, a game won't always be a guarantee. Movies and manga have been floated as things that the studio and Kojima personally would like to be involved in, so it's got some broad ambitions. In this case, however, it's definitely is a game. The roles being advertised at the moment include game designer and programmer, so I think the assumption is pretty safe. 

A Death Stranding sequel is a possibility, and it's one both Kojima and Norman Reedus have discussed. I was smitten with Death Stranding, but I'd rather see the studio embark on something new—thankfully those two things aren't mutually exclusive. Last year, Kojima said a Death Stranding sequel wouldn't be a direct follow-up, and that he'd rather "start from zero." This year, Reedus also mentioned that he'd been chatting to Kojima about working together again, maybe on more Death Stranding

After a game as massive and elaborate as Death Stranding, though, perhaps the studio would prefer something a bit smaller. Kojima told Famitsu that he'd like to make smaller or episodic games, not just sprawling behemoths. In the same interview, however, he said that Kojima Productions was aiming to juggle multiple projects, including another big game.

While there are few clues about what shape the next game's going to take, it might feature lots of mechs. There was a dearth of mechs in Death Stranding, but they're lead artist Yoji Shinkawa's speciality, and Kojima said he'd like to make a game with more of them. I would absolutely be down for a game about a mech constantly following over as it trots across the rugged terrain of Not Iceland. 

Since the team's still being formed, I suspect that we won't be getting any details about the game for a while, but in the meantime there's always trawling Kojima's Twitter feed for clues. 

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