A Death Stranding sequel wouldn't be a direct follow-up, according to Kojima

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Death Stranding won't be out until next year on PC, but Hideo Kojima is already pondering a sequel and teaming up with its stoic star, Norman Reedus, though it's all hypothetical at the moment. 

Instead of waiting for the PC version, I picked it up on PS4, but I'm still somewhere in the middle and thus don't know how comfortably a sequel would fit, but if the studio was to embark on a second game, Kojima told Vulture that he "would start from zero." 

Presumably that means a new story, rather than a direct follow-up, but he also said he'd like to work with Norman Reedus again, possibly in the sequel. The first game is effective in part because so much of it is novel, which a sequel wouldn't benefit from quite as much, but it wouldn't have to be another sandbox courier game. 

Kojima has also had horror on his mind recently. On Twitter, he mentioned his process for making horror, and for the cinephile that means watching scary movies. It's a vague tweet, but nonetheless a lot of people have jumped on it, hoping that he's returning to the genre.

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Though not on the level of PT, Kojima Productions' infamously terrifying Silent Hill teaser, Death Stranding has its fair share of pants-wetting moments. I'd still love to see Kojima do a pure horror game, though, whether inspired by PT or something entirely new. 

At the moment, Kojima's not talking specifics, but given the reception to Death Stranding, another game in the universe seems inevitable. 

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