Kojima confident Death Stranding will be his “best work so far”

Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding came as a bit of a surprise when it was revealed at this year’s E3. I mean, it was almost certain the Metal Gear mastermind would be working on something following the collapse of he and Guillermo Del Toro’s proposed Silent Hills, but a naked Norman Reedus, clutching a newborn child on an abandoned beach (which apparently somehow equates to an action game) was a bit on the weird side. 

Speaking at yesterday’s Develop: Brighton conference, though, Kojima stated his next work will be his best yet. 

"I'm very confident that we're working towards something completely new and that no-one has seen so far,” reports Digital Spy, as Kojima joined PlayStation’s Mark Cerny at the event’s opening keynote discussion. “This will be my best work so far, I'm very confident about that." 

Kojima went on to speak about his own career, how his now concluded Metal Gear Solid series has developed alongside evolving technology, and how he reckons we’re now at the stage where the likes of virtual reality will convey human emotions better than actual human beings.    

“Our technology allows us to convey some emotions,” Develop writes. “But as we get nearer to the ability to add through technology the ability to portray more expression and things such as temperature it will soon be easier to reach out through games online than actual interaction between human beings.

“We’re really close to the point when it will be easier to get emotions through games than actual people. With VR you can get rid of this framed square, look up, look down, and give that experience to the player. That changes everything—I think the possibilities are infinite.”

Death Stranding is without a release date for now, however is expected to launch on PC after it debuts on PS4.