Knights and Bikes is a nostalgic co-op adventure coming this month

(Image credit: Double Fine)

Knights and Bikes is co-op action-adventure about a pair of bicycling buds pedalling around a fictional British island in search of adventure. It's got Goonies vibes but looks like a hand-painted Costume Quest, and it's due to launch on August 27. 

Designed by former Media Molecule developers Rex Crowle and Moo Yu, It calls to mind cardboard adventure Tearaway, but reshaped into 2D Double Fine romp. That might be why Double Fine's publishing it—they're a great fit. 

I've been trying to think of some good British Goonies equivalents, but I'm coming up short. The Famous Five are far too dull, and none of the them had cool bikes. These bikes are customisable, too, unlocking new abilities for Nessa and Demelza.

The pair have different skills that can help them solve puzzles and fight enemies, from boomboxes to water balloons, and both of their skillsets will be needed if you want to find the legendary treasure that every quest needs. Luckily, even if you can't rope a mate into joining you, there's a singleplayer mode that gives you an AI companions.

There's also a goose. You can pet it and it will help you find things, which sounds handy, but since geese are notoriously mean and untrustworthy birds, I'd keep my eye on it. They snap.

Knights and Bikes is due out on Steam on August 27.

Fraser Brown
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