Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders is coming soon to PC

(Image credit: Blueside)

It took ten years for Kingdom Under Fire 2 to come to PC, and it was almost worth the wait. We won't have quite that much of a wait for Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders: Developer Blueside announced today that the action-RTS, first released in 2004 for the original Xbox, is coming soon to PC.

Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders pits the Human Alliance against the Dark Legion in a real-time battle for control of Bersia. Players can take control of two nations from each side, controlling armies and individual heroes who have the power to turn the tide of battle. The PC release will have full keyboard and mouse support (or you can stick with a controller for that old-time Xbox feeling) and HD resolutions, but will otherwise be "an unchanged authentic port to PC that gives players the experience they had upon release."

That experience may be dated—16 years is an awfully long time for a videogame, although RTSes tend to hold up better than many other genres—but it was a very good one in its day: The Xbox edition of Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders holds an 81 aggregate score on Metacritic.

A release date for Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders on PC hasn't been set, but Blueside said it's expected out sometime in the first quarter of 2020, so by the end of March—just a couple of months away. While you wait, you can find out more about the game at

Andy Chalk

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