How to get rich quick in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Think of all the Saviour Schnapps you'll be able to afford once you throw away your morals. 

Feudalism sure made it hard to make a buck, back when. In Kingdom Come: Deliverance, you play Henry, a low-class punk that lost everything. Too bad for you, losing everything makes money a real concern in medieval Bohemia, and without any clear means to make it early on, times are going to be tough. That is, unless you’re willing to do a little dirty work. If you really can’t wait to stock up on Saviour Schnapps or want better armor, now, then follow our tips for making money as a nobody in Kingdom Come’s early hours. 

Pay Theresa's uncle ASAP 

Once you wake up in Rattay, you'll be in debt to the miller that paid your medical expenses and housed you during your recovery. You can pay the guy or do him a favor. Opt to do him the favor, even if it sounds a bit unsavory for a good lad like Henry. Dark times call for dark measures. Once you find the ring and deliver it, you'll unlock a merchant that buys stolen goods and a thievery questline. Get rich while taking the nobles down a notch. A fair exchange. Just be sure to maintain a good reputation in Rattay, otherwise guards will search your person every time you’re in town, confiscating all your stolen goods. If this happens, just bribe them. You’ll make up for it in no time. 

Rob the nobles in Rattay for some easy money 

Wander around upstairs in this building for some easy money. 

For some easy access to valuable goods you can pinch some of the fancy folks’ goods pretty easily in Rattay. Just wander the bedrooms and offices above the armorer’s place and you can find pricey garments all over the place. You’ll need a lockpick or three and to watch your back, but there aren’t many people that wander through the area during the day. You won’t even need to trespass for a good portion of the items. Take your stolen goods to one of the miller merchants and flip ‘em for the good stuff. 

Go bandit huntin’ 

This guy had a beer on him. Refreshing!

Once you have a horse you’ll be able to hoard quite a bit more junk from adventuring than before. Reserve that extra space for items you strip from dead men. And if you need to expedite the process of stealing items from dead men (and don’t have any pressing quests) just fast travel between two points that take you through a dark and dangerous forest. Bandits will strike sooner or later, at which point you can kill them, strip them of their valuables (and ears, but we’ll get to that) and sell the junk to a merchant. Don’t get too cocky though. If you’re looking outnumbered, just hoof it on your horse and roam for a smaller, more manageable pack of meanies. 

Highway robbery 

If you see a traveler in the wilds, called wayfarers in-game, choke ‘em out and they’ll always have 15-30 groschen, decent armor, and some food on them. Just make sure nobody’s watching and it’s a good way to fill your purse early in the game. To choke someone, creep up behind them while crouching and hit F.

Sell... 'trophies'

If you kill a Cuman (the yellow-cloaked warriors with the funky helmets who attacked Henry’s village) they’ll drop an ear. And Sir Robard, the old knight who hangs out in Talmberg, will buy them off you for a decent sum. You’ll need a dagger in your inventory to harvest ears, but they go for about a dozen groschen at most arms dealers.

There’s also Captain Bernard near the combat yard in Rattay, who will give you bandit bounties, small side quests where you rid the land of ne'er-do-wells in return for some good groschens. The guy takes ears too, so, a successful bandit-killing mission paired with an ear harvest can net you a couple hundred coin per mission. Just don’t expect them to go down easy. Invest in some Saviour Schnapps to make some convenient save points with all that extra dough you’re bringing in.

In a game this big and complex, we're sure there are plenty more ways to make a buck. If we find them we'll be sure to share the wealth. 

James Davenport

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