Killing Floor 2's Halloween update features a new map and a Road Redemption crossover

Halloween is still a few weeks away, but the Halloween Horrors: Monster Masquerade update for Killing Floor 2, which developer Tripwire Interactive said is the biggest of the year, is already live and on the loose. 

The update, which is free for all players, features a new Monster Ball map compatible with Weekly, Survival, Versus Survival, and Endless action. Halloween-themed models, effects, and sounds for all Zeds and bosses are also in there, along with new weapons including the FN-FAL ACOG rifle, the HM-501 grenade rifle, and—for players who complete the Monster Ball objectives—the MKB 42, straight from Hans Volter's castle armory. New prestige weapon skins are on tap, there's an array of time-limited items to pick up, and of course numerous tweaks and bug fixes have been made. 

Killing Floor 2 players who have the motorcycle murder game Road Redemption in their Steam libraries will enjoy an added bonus in the form of a sweet piece of business called the Road Redeemer, a spiked-and-chained baseball bat that's ideal for the Berserker class. The crossover goes the other way, too, as Hans Volter and DJ Skully from Killing Floor 2 make an appearance as new riders in Road Redemption. 

Full details on Killing Floor 2's Halloween Horrors: Monster Masquerade update are up at The festivities are live now and run until November 6. 

Andy Chalk

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