Kerbal Space Program update .22 bringing science to the masses

New features are coming to Kerbal Space Program in update .22, the most notable of which is the addition of science! A new video from developer Squad, voiced by Miguel Pena, walks us through the new research and development systems that will form a crucial part of the eventually released career mode.

It's no secret that I'm a fan of Kerbal Space Program , but as much as I love it, the experience is a little empty right now. All of the Kerbal-launching, space-exploring shenanigans are entirely for giggles because probes can't do anything once they're in position. You got a deep-space probe in orbit around the most distant planet in the Kerbal system? Congratulations! Now it just sits there.

This all changes in update .22, which will include scientific modules that gather data and accumulate science points to spend on unlocking new technologies. Now that deep-space probe can send hard-to-find and valuable data back to mission control and help pay for the new space station, moon base, or off-planet colony.

The video also details the ability to save parts of ships for use in other builds. Now you can reuse the same heavy lifting rockets on the next project without remaking the whole thing or pulling your carefully constructed craft apart and resaving it. The new subassembly editor can save and rename pieces of crafts along with short descriptions to keep track of things as your library grows.

Like everything in Kerbal Space Program, update .22 has a release date of “when it's done.” Keep an eye on KSP's website for more details.