Kerbal Space Program leaving Early Access next week


We're only T-minus six days away from the release of Kerbal Space Program. Last night, Squad announced the date that their excellent space sim would official exit their Early Access orbit: April 27.

Kerbal Space Program, in case you're unaware, is a rocketry sim—challenging you to design and build vessels capable of taking you to the stars. It's been in Early Access for years, and is one of the few pre-launch games that I've been happily recommending that people buy.

As for what version 1.0 will bring, Squad is teasing the release with a series of short videos. Here's one unveiling the new female Kerbals:

Also expected in 1.0 is more realistic modelling of drag and lift, an 'Engineer's Report' warning of crucial design flaws, and a game over state.

Phil Savage

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