Kerbal Space Program celebrates third anniversary with sale and charity donation

To celebrate the third year of Kerbal Space Program , developer Squad announced that the game will be on sale for 40% off until the end of Kerbal Kon on Friday, purchasable from Steam or the KSP website. The company will also be making a donation to Love Life Hope , a children's orphanage based in Tapachula, Mexico.

Adrian Goya and Ezequiel Ayarza, co-owners of Squad, spoke during the opening ceremonies of Kerbal Kon, Kerbal Space Station's third anniversary celebration. “We never expected to be here,” Ayarza said, acknowledging the game's growing fanbase and welcoming the 2,000 viewers of the livestream.

Squad will be making a donation of $5,000 to Love Life Hope, which describes itself as “[providing] a loving, secure home for children of all ages who have been abused, neglected, orphaned or abandoned. The number of children in our care changes constantly, but on average we care for between 40 and 50 children on a permanent basis.”

PC Gamer will continue to bring you Kerbal Space Program news from Kerbal Kon in Mexico City throughout today and tomorrow.