Fly me to the Mun with these adorable Kerbal Space Program artisan keycaps

Kerbal Space Program artisan keycaps
(Image credit: Drop, T-Lab)

If you truly want to display your passion for getting all of Kerbalkind travelling through the cosmos, then the new Kerbal Space Program artisan keycaps are truly the best way. Well, the best way to show it off to anyone looking at your keyboard, I guess.

Though, given the sky-high price, it's probably also a good way to show that you're actually doing rather well for yourself. After all, if you can drop $65 each on a hand-sculpted resin keycap then you've got a fair amount of disposable income to toss away.

But twas ever thus for the artisan keycap brigade. If you really want a bespoke PC gaming setup then nothing says 'enthusiast' like customising your keyboard with specific mechanical switches and the odd artisan keycap. But both of those twin obsessions can end up costing a bomb.

In a world where it's still tough to upgrade your gaming PC in any meaningful, technological way—though things are starting to turn around—artisan keycaps are an understandable obsession.

After all, some of them are absolutely stunning.

And then some of them just look hella cute, like these KSP caps you can pre-order on Drop right now. There are four different versions on offer: two in white and two in orange trim, with Jeb or Valentina Kerman options in each colour. They're compatible with any Cherry MX fitting, which means any cross-head clone switch will also fit.

Kerbal Space Program artisan keycaps

(Image credit: Drop, T-Lab)
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I've got to admit, I'm tempted. At around the $50 mark and I'd probably be sold, because Kerbal Space Program does hold a special place in my heart. Not only have I been messing around shooting rockets to the Mun since it was in beta, but it got me through the first six months of my first child's life. 

As the only place he'd sleep was my shoulder, having games I could play one-handed through the night was vital. Likewise, finding games that weren't as occasionally rage-inducing as my ordinary Football Manager obsession. Kerbal Space Program has both a simple, one-handed control scheme, and a way to make the difficult task of breaking free from the bonds of Kerbin somehow soothing, no matter how many times a rocket self-destructs on the launchpad.

I'm very much a Kerbal man.

But, it's worth saying, there are only set to be 1,000 of these hand-sculpted and hand-cast caps being made so if you really are intent on dropping $65 on a keyboard-mounted Kerbal then you may well have to get in quick.

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