K/DA, the world's favourite League of Legends virtual K-pop group, is now a mouse mat

K/DA gaming gear on a gaming PC setup with RGB lighting
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Just a few years ago and I would have assumed an animated pop band spawned of League of Legends characters would be something of a niche interest. Yet today I find myself reading a press release for the heaps of officially licensed K/DA merchandise that has been created in the cyber-band's image from Logitech G, following on from the group's debut EP and the K/DA gaming chair.

Sitting comfortably?

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And I'm not entirely immune to the band's own brand of incessantly catchy genre mashups, either. Although I've so far resisted adorning my PC with K/DA gear.

If you're also a fan, perhaps you'll be pleased to know that Riot and Logitech G have teamed up for a new lineup of inspired gaming merch, which includes the K/DA G733 gaming headset, K/DA G335 in-ear earphones, K/DA G305 gaming mouse, Pro K/DA keyboard, G502 Hero K/DA, and K/DA G840 XL gaming mouse pad featuring all five members of the virtual group.

The G733 headset we didn't find quite so appealing, due to a lack of impact at the low-end, but I suppose you can hardly go wrong with a mouse pad.

This lineup was first launched in China last year, but has taken a while to wash up on other shores.

The worldwide release includes two new products, the aforementioned G502 and Pro gaming keyboard. Sadly, though, these are nowhere to be found on the UK product page. Wiped from existence. 

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