Jurassic World Evolution to add challenge mode, sandbox options in next update

Frontier's Jurassic World Evolution is "initially stunning" but is "lacking the depth and variety to support mammoth playtimes", reckons our Pip. Its next update, due September 13, aims to broaden its scope with a new challenge mode, more sandbox options, new contract types, and adjusted dino sizes among other things. 

As outlined in a developer livestream (archived above), Challenge Mode starts players with limited cash on Isla Nublar, and lets them choose between four difficulty settings—easy, medium, hard and Jurassic. 

"We're also adding some new mechanics like Hammond Foundation fees, contract cancellation penalties, and personal best completion times," explains Frontier. "You can unlock new skins (and achievements/trophies!) when you complete Challenge Mode for the first time and also when you beat the ultimate challenge, Jurassic difficulty."

Isla Nublar is Evolution's central sandbox island, which is set to grow following next month's update. A lifespan toggle means dinos no longer die of old age, whereas a cash level toggle lets you adjust your income. Dinosaur variety can be tweaked, as can feeder resupplies and power—the latter of which can prevent power outages. 

The livestream also explores Evolution's new upcoming contract types, viewing cameras, lighting options, and adjustment to dinosaur size. Check it out above. 

Full patch notes for Jurassic World Evolution's update 1.4 will be released at launch on September 13.