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Jurassic Life mod trailer battles with clever girls

Dinosaurs were essentially nature's mechs: big stompy giants with shoulder-mounted missile... wait, no. Just big and stompy. But still cool, making it surprising that we don't see more of them in games and that, the few times they do show up, they've a tendency to be rubbish . So fingers crossed for Jurassic Life, a Half-Life 2 mod that's currently in development and has just released this splendid trailer.

Obviously the big draw is the dinosaurs, although here they may as well be wearing a big "work in progress" sign around their necks. But also of note is the beautiful scenery that's being coaxed out of the engine. Given its age, it's easy to forget how good Source can look.

Jurassic Life's ModDB page has the details: "In this adventure, you are Robert Muldoon , the person in charge of the safety of the park. The game will proceed in a relatively linear but intense way with Resident Evil inspired management of the stress."

Obviously it's still a ways off release, with the team looking for additional hands to push them towards completion. It's showing a lot of promise though, and at the very least it should answer the burning question of "what happens when you shoot a T-Rex in the face with a shotgun?" For that reason alone it's worth keeping an eye on.

Thanks, Gaming Blend

Phil Savage
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