Jetpack stomp attack: Firefall makes astonishing debut

firefall thumb

The ex-team lead for World of Warcraft and the lead designer for Tribes, among other bright sparks, are behind this jetpack-fuelled third person, first person shooter. This Firefall trailer does funny things to Rich. He starts jumping up and down whenever we play this trailer. It shows a gruff desert dude and his friend heading out to a "crystite" deposit, calling down a big mining thing from orbit, and defending it from bug things. It switches from first person to third person on the fly, and there are rocket launchers, and a big dropship that they fly around. It looks better than the zoo.

BETTER THAN THE ZOO. Red 5 studios are not calling it an MMO, but there's some sort of mission sharing going on in that video, and they're promising frequent, free updates. They're also doing a beta signup at their site .

They're tactfully avoiding any mention of consoles or platforms, but we see PC keyboard prompts. So that makes us squee.

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