Jeff Kaplan answers your questions in an AMA-style 'Overwatch support' video

aHave you ever wondered what a "Toblestein" is? Why Widowmaker is blue? Why competitive rankings are based on win/loss ratios rather than skill rating? Or why people love Roadhog so much when the official lore makes it clear that he's a big, nasty dinkus? Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan recently took part in an Overwatch "Tech Support" video with Wired—basically a video AMA—to answer these questions, and a whole bunch more. 

Short answers to the questions above: "Toblestein" is a made-up word which came about because nobody at Blizzard could speak Russian; Widowmaker's skin tone is a side effect of the experimentation that made such an amazing sniper; win/loss ratios, despite some obvious shortcomings, are the best way to measure a person's overall success in a team-based game; and if people want to crush on Roadhog, that's their business and they shouldn't be judged for it. 

The short-and-sweet answers can actually be found on the OWSupport_JK Twitter feed, which I assume was created specifically for this event, but it's really worth watching the video for the full experience. Kaplan seems relaxed and looks to be having real fun with it, and there's some practical value to it as well: He also explained how Blizzard has added functionality on PC report players who go AFK in placement matches, for instance, and added that the same feature is "coming soon" to consoles.

Andy Chalk

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