Jedi: Fallen Order won't let you dismember people with your lightsaber

Look, I get it. I might be a monster for loving that the original Star Wars Jedi Knight games let you occasionally hack the limbs off of enemies. It only happened rarely (unless you used cheats), but it was a gruesome reminder that even Jedi, for all their talk of control and peace, wield horrifically violent laser swords capable of doing catastrophic bodily harm. So I find it disappointing that Respawn's Jedi: Fallen Order is taking a decidedly PG-rated approach to combat.

According to a preview from IGN, senior designer Justin Perez said Jedi: Fallen Order will not feature any kind of lightsaber dismemberment for humanoids, though you can still slice up non-humanoids like the spiders featured in its recent E3 reveal or droids.

It's disappointing because that's clearly not how lightsabers work and it feels like a weird concession to make considering how often the movies have depicted dismemberment via lightsaber. Respawn is likely aiming for a "Teen" ESRB rating for Jedi: Fallen Order.

Combat in Fallen Order doesn't looks bad—I'm really excited by how much Dark Souls DNA is evident in the way Cal fights. Fallen Order feels like it could be a welcome return to the glory of the Jedi Knight games, but seeing limbs fly is one of those little details I'm going to miss.

Correction: This story originally said The Force Unleashed and its sequel didn't have dismemberment but they actually do, so we've fixed that.

Steven Messner

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