Jedi: Fallen Order modders are aggressively tweaking the game’s look

(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment / Cinematic FX Mod Team)

 Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order might only have been out for a little over a week, but modders are already going to town on the game’s visuals. Visual, rendering, and display mods are usually the first to appear for games without extensive mod support, but the number of mods popping up addressing similar issues speak to a particularly pressing desire. There are plenty of modders focusing on reshades, FX, lighting, outfit visuals, and especially Cal’s appearance for the game. Nobody seems quite happy with how Cal looks. There’s one that tweaks his adult textures, one that makes him Ben Skywalker from the expanded universe, and one that makes him, uh, “less of a ginger.” 

 You can find most of what’s out there on Nexusmods. There’s also some work being done in Cheat Engine as well—like this neat double-colored double-ended lightsaber:  

(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment / kanoomroomk on Reddit)

You can find those scripts on the FearLess community. I’m also partial to this weird black lightsaber. Darksaber? Not sure: 

(Image credit: Respawn Entertainment / kanoomroomk on Reddit)

Find any good mods or tweaks for Fallen Order? Share away in the comments. Meanwhile, may we’ve also got some guides for the game out too. 

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