Jazzpunk's Director's Cut goes live a day early (Updated)

Update: Surprise! The Jazzpunk Director's Cut came out a day early, and is thus available now on Steam, and at a 60 percent discount too—that means you can snag it for $6/£4/€6. Only until Saturday afternoon, though, so don't dawdle. The Flavour Nexus DLC is still set to go live tomorrow.

Original story:

Bizarro comedy adventure game Jazzpunk is getting a new edition and some DLC, three years after it launched on PC. 

Jazzpunk appeared on PC back in 2014, but Necrophone Games wasn’t able to add everything it had envisioned into the game. Extra bits, including a cyberpunk sequence, were added in the PS4 Director’s Cut last year, which will be available on PC on June 16. 

On top of the Director’s Cut, a slice of DLC, titled Flavour Nexus, will also be available. Despite the imminent release, Necrophone is keeping shtum about what it contains. 

“As is the nature with comedy games, I can’t reveal too much without spoiling the jokes,” Luis Hernandez told Kotaku, “but we do have some Vehicular Combat in there as one of the gag modules.”  

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