Moebius clip: first trailer for Jane Jensen's latest adventure


Moebius - Jane Jensen's Kickstarted adventure game - has released its first trailer, along with a new website to track the development of the game. It's only an early alpha trailer, but already it's full of mystery. Like why is that backpacker striding with such purpose? Why are those ninjas doing a sideline in night-time photography? And why is the main character called Malachi Rect... Oh, it's Rec tor . That makes more sense. To watch it, Use Mouse on Video.

More plot details are available from the website: "Malachi Rector has a photographic memory and a genius for history. He's parlayed that skill into a lucrative career evaluating antiques for prestigious auction houses. But when a secret government agency called F.I.S.T. (Future Intelligence Science & Technology) hires him to look into the life of a dead woman, Malachi realizes that there may be a deeper level to history, and even to space and time, than he ever suspected."

As a side note for anyone planning to set up a shadowy government agency: Do not call your shadowy government agency FIST. There are pretty much no positive connotations to that name.

Moebius is due out in late June.

Phil Savage

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