Jagged Alliance: Rage is delayed to December

 Just one day ahead of its scheduled September 27 release, Jagged Alliance: Rage, the latest resurrection of the turn-based tactical RPG series, has been delayed. It's now slated to be out on December 6. 

As usual, a specific reason for the delay wasn't given: A rep said only that it "needs a little more time in the oven," whatever that means. To soften the blow of the delay, HandyGames—that's THQ Nordic's indie-focused publishing label—dropped a new trailer showcasing some raging gameplay.

Jagged Alliance: Rage is something of a twist on the JA formula because instead of controlling a full-sized merc outfit, you're in charge of just a handful of them, with no reinforcements to fall back on—and they're not exactly in the prime of their lives, either. The new game is set 20 years after the first, and all that time in the merc business has inflicted a physical and psychological toll.  

As Fraser said when the first gameplay trailer was released, that grim setup is a bit at odds with the cartoonish visual style, but I hope that developer Cliffhanger Productions is able to do something interesting with it.

Jagged Alliance: Rage will be available on Steam, and there's a site with more info for your perusing pleasure at jaggedalliance.com.

Andy Chalk

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