It was only a matter of time before Falcon Northwest jumped on the RGB bandwagon

(Image credit: Falcon Northwest)

Boutique builder Falcon Northwest says it has "mostly resisted" RGB lighting, but has finally relented with its Talon 20th Anniversary Edition, essentially a refreshed version of its mid-tower desktop that has been in production for the past two decades.

Falcon Northwest is mostly being cheeky, noting in its press release that it has decided to "RGB SOME of the things." However, the addition of certain RGB options is a definite move to appease its "game-playing clientele," along with other aesthetic bits, such as glass window options and custom paintwork.

Fit and finish are part of what separates boutique systems from bulk OEM rigs. To that end, Falcon Northwest points to the use of thick aluminum side paneling.

"Making Talon's exterior panels out of 4 millimeter-thick aluminum was not overkill," said Kelt Reeves, President of Falcon Northwest. "It's the finishing touch on our most advanced thermal design yet. To mass-market PC makers the case is just a plastic and sheet-metal box. Talon was designed for PC enthusiasts like us who care about the hardware."

Falcon Northwest is also taking aim at "winning over the Mac-using creator crowd" with its newest Talon. 

"The Talon can be configured with a vast array of hardware loadouts and aesthetic options for work & play. Whether you want an attention grabbing gaming system, or just an elegant black workstation, the Talon is the Jack of all trades in the Falcon lineup," Falcon Northwest says.

Intended as a "budget alternative" to the Mach V line, the cost of entry into Talon territory is a bit pricey at around $2,800. That gets you an Intel configuration built around the Z390 chipset. Jumping into third-gen Ryzen + X570 config starts at around $3,100.

As for the RGB lighting options, they primarily consist of an RGB fan pack that comes standard, and premium upgrades including a CPU cooler and kit of RAM. There are a few other optional components and hardware selections with RGB lighting, such as a sound card and various peripherals.

The Talon 20th Anniversary Edition is available now.

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