Iron Lung's new 'Markiplier mode' surrounds you with the YouTuber's meme faces while you explore the depths of the blood ocean

Iron Lung vessel covered in Markiplier meme faces
(Image credit: David Szymanski)

Iron Lung has just had a major update that includes a 'Markiplier mode'. This indie horror game grew in popularity after the YouTuber did a full playthrough last year that gained over 8 million views, and he enjoyed it so much that he is currently directing and starring in an Iron Lung film adaptation. The latest update adds a handful of cheats, 'Markiplier mode' being the silliest new addition. Once activated your vessel is plastered with multiple Markiplier meme faces from top to bottom.

To those unfamiliar with this indie horror, you are a convict tasked with exploring a blood ocean in a rickety submersible called the Iron Lung. All habitable planets and stars have vanished in what's called the 'Quiet Rapture' and only baron moons, space stations, and asteroids remain. This ocean is found on one of those moons. The only way to see what surrounds your vessel is by taking a photo and seeing what appears on your screen. The game did recently gather some attention as comparisons between its premise and the Titan submersible situation were made on Twitter. The games developer David Szymanski posted a tweet showing increased sales during that time saying "it feels so wrong".

Markiplier has a history with bringing indie horror games into the light, most notably his consistent coverage of Five Nights at Freddies. His first FNAF playthrough video currently has over 119 million views and the following related videos collected hundreds of millions more. The YouTuber was initially supposed to have a cameo in the FNAF movie but was unable to due to his commitments to the Iron Lung film. In a recent YouTube video he explains that "unfortunately the Five Nights at Freddy's movie and my movie, Iron Lung, were being filmed at the exact same time," going on to state, "I wouldn't expect them to compromise the quality of their project for me, just like I would hope they wouldn't expect me to compromise my own movie on their behalf."

As part of the Halloween sale on Steam—which runs from October 26th to November 2nd—Iron Lung will be 20% off. Following the sale, the regular price will increase from $6 to $8. The announcement states that this will be the only price increase saying that "any more than $8 would be unfair". It also says that all further updates and DLC will be free as well as a "large collection of behind the scenes photos" that are planned to be released once the movie is out.