Intel Extreme Masters New York: world's best CS 1.6, LoL and StarCraft 2 players to fight for $93k

Intel Extreme Masters

The best Counter-Strike 1.6, StarCraft 2 and League of Legends players will clash in New York next month, hoping to win a share of the enormous $93,000 prize pot up for grabs at the Intel Extreme Masters Global Challenge event. It all kicks off on Thursday October 13 and runs through until the finals on Sunday October 16. The best teams will also win the chance to participate in the Intel Extreme Masters World Championship in Hanover, Germany next year.

Counter-Strike 1.6 players will be competing for the largest sum. The best team will take home $16,000. Top prizes of $12,000 will be awarded to the victorious League of Legends team, and the winning StarCraft 2 player stands to win $6,500. The rest of the prize pool will be divvied out among the runners up. For coverage of the qualifiers, and more information on Global Challenge New York, head over to the Intel Extreme Masters page .

The prize pools for each IEM competition seem to keep growing and growing as esports become more popular, and more exciting to watch. Many of the matches should hopefully be broadcast through ESL TV 's standard streaming service, with paid upgrades available if you want higher quality video.

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