Insurgency WW2 conversion Day of Infamy officially launches

Day of Infamy
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FPS fans have been clamouring to relive the horrors of World War 2 since about the second Modern Warfare (opens in new tab), and that sentiment has been growing with each near-future shooter pumped out by EA and Activision. New World Interactive, developer of squad firefight sim Insurgency (opens in new tab), has been paying attention: in collaboration with the modding community, it has officially released (opens in new tab) Day of Infamy, a WW2 total conversion.

I say 'officially' because it's been cooking for a while but can now be played without opting into the Insurgency beta build—the community isn't nearly done with it. Despite a five-star rating on the Steam Workshop, the Day of Infamy roadmap lists a raft of tweaks, retextures, vehicles and other assets to be added, all crowdsourced from Insurgency modders. Submissions remain open, too, so if you've got a bit of talent and a passion for the hardware and battlegrounds of the second world war, offer up your goods via GitHub (opens in new tab).

This update implements the first community map, Landfall by Chief-C, in addition to prettifying a German grenade an no longer referring to combatants as 'Security' and 'Insurgents'.

It's a colossal project, mercifully available in one package on the Steam Workshop (opens in new tab), and offers a huge amount of extra dev-approved value to Insurgency owners. Leif did our review (opens in new tab)—there aren't many games that reward teamwork better.