Inside and Limbo dev keeps hiding new sci-fi concept art in job posts

(Image credit: playdead)

Playdead, developers of excellent games Inside and Limbo, haven't shown much from their new sci-fi game. The developer shared a single image of a lonely astronaut back in 2017 and one other of a vast cave in a tweet from last year, but that's it. Except, it's not.

Playdead has made a habit out of dropping new (beautiful) art from its astronaut game within studio job postings. Some of these were dug up and posted to ResetEra back in May, but two more have surfaced since. You can see the new art below, as well as older images shared by Playdead.

The art seems to reflect what Playdead had to say about the project last year. At the time, Playdead co-founder Arnt Jensen said (via Google Translate) that their sci-fi game will "move away from the 2D style that Playdead is known for." The game eventually opens up and becomes a "3rd person game with a much larger area that you can move around."

With this context, the new art becomes more exciting. I'm curious if Playdead's "3D" means a fully 3D world like Journey or a 2D plane with explorable foregrounds and backgrounds. It might become clearer the next time the studio is hiring.

Morgan Park
Staff Writer

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